As a cousin of Mendel’s there is a lot I can learn from him. Even though life was very hard sometimes, to him everything would mean a lot. Every smile would make other people smile, his neshema came down for a very special reason . I remember last year I asked Chani when I came to Houston where’s Mendel ? I saw a sad look coming from her face and she said  “I can’t tell you it will make you cry”. I begged and said I wouldn’t cry. She looked at me and said “he passed away”. Right away I was crying from inside my heart how such a thing could happen?! And from that day on I always treated everyone with a smile doing my shlichus in a better way . But right now lets close our eyes and think of a mitzvah we could do in the merit of Mendel. Also I remember when I was just 2 and you came to Cary for Purim you were dancing having the cute little smile a young boy has. You looked even better then a normal boy, you calmed me down when I was sad. We all love you Mendel we hope to see you when moshiach comes!

Your Cousin,

Rivka Cotlar