I stayed at Mendels house for the Shabbos of David Bargrasser’s Bar Mitzvah.  When I got there before Shabbos we played music together, we both loved music and we showed each other songs etc..Then Friday night we went to shul, we ate the Shabbos meal, he said a Dvar Torah and it was really nice.Then after that we stayed up and talked, played some game, and it was really fun. On Shabbos day we went to shul, we heard David Bargrasser read from the torah and then went to the Bar Mitzvah meal. After the meal we asked a couple of friends to come to Mendel’s house. When we were half way to Mendel’s house, a  kid in my class, who was the younger brother of somebody in the group, came running up from nowhere and asked if he could come with us to Mendel’s house. Everybody started moaning and saying no, so the kid turned around and started to walk away with not the happiest expression on his face…immediately Mendel said “HE CAN FOR SURE COME OVER! It doesn’t matter what grade he is in, it’s okay. IF YOU CAN COME HE CAN COME!” That shows how caring u should be to others. He would always make sure to be nice to others, and not leave anyone out.
-Mendel Lazaroff (Mendel’s Friend), wrote this anecdote in early 2015, just a few months after Mendel passed away.