GE DIGITAL CAMERAMendel loved life.
He loved his family and friends.

He loved singing, playing, bike riding, exploring, experimenting.
Mendel loved giving, protecting, sticking-up for, complimenting, supporting.

Mendel lived every day to its fullest, grateful for the smallest things and truly appreciating the larger ones.
His smile said so much about his attitude and personality.
Mendel was a regular kid — playing computer, running around the neighborhood, playing in the park…..
but he had a strong sense of right and wrong, especially when it came to protecting and including other kids.
He was sensitive beyond his years, and looked for ways to help others.

Mendel had the sweetest singing voice, played piano, skateboarded, cared for his parrot Winston.
He enjoyed family time and trips with his siblings Nosson, Chani, & Aryeh.
He volunteered in Chabad Hebrew School, raised money for GSD research and Friendship Circle.
Glycogen Storage Disease was merely background noise compared to the large, loud, happy life he had.

Some people simply walk through life… and others dance, smile, sing, and thank their way through life.

That was Mendel.