One of the things that really stands out in my mind about Mendel is how he would walk up to each and every person in Shul on Shabbos, greet them with a smile, a “Good Shabbos” and an outstretched hand.  When I first saw it I thought he was only going to people with whom he had a relationship.  I watched, and sure enough, Mendel proceeded to walk up to each and every adult male and wish them, “Good Shabbos”.  It was so sweet and genuine.  It happened every week.  Week in, week out.  It was such a nice thing to do.  He did it to everyone, regardless if the person was a “regular” or a visitor who just happened to be spending Shabbos in the community. I presume he carried out this chesed completely of his own volition, which is testimony to the purity of his neshamah.
-Ed Dobin (community member and family friend)