This year was Nachshon’s first year at Torah Day School, his first time away from his parents. The first month was rough, he would start to cry as we pulled into the parking lot, and continued as we walked down the hallway leading to his classroom. For some reason, almost every morning, as we walked towards the shul, there was Mendel! Mendel always had a big smile on and would say, “Hi Nachshon!”. Mendel was the only kid at school that did this. It took about a month for Nachshon to stop crying and start loving school. I am positive that Mendel had something to do with it.
I will always remember seeing Mendel the day he was called up to the Torah for his first Aliya. I said, “Mazel Tov Mendel!” and he told me about how he had woken up extra early and read from the Torah twice! He was so proud of himself, it was beautiful to see.
We miss you Mendel.
-Elisheva Golani (family friend)