My Brother Mendel

By: Chani Cotlar

I respect my brother Mendel. He was a great example of so many Middos and Mitzvos.

Mendel taught me how to treat people. He was always so nice to everyone no matter who they were or how old they were. He didn’t like when people fought, and he always tried to make peace between people.

Mendel had a lot of Hakoras Hatov. He always said thank you for anything someone gave him or did for him.

Mendel always tried hard to have Kibud Av Va’Em and help my parents whenever they asked and showed them respect.

I respect the way Mendel davened with Kavanah. He was so excited to daven with Tefillin when he was Bar Mitzvah.

Even when GSD made something hard, or he couldn’t eat what other people were eating, Mendel was still in a good mood and smiling.

I will try hard to follow Mendel’s example and always say thank you, daven with Kavanah, be in a good mood, smile a lot, have Kibud Av Va’Em, and treat all my friends with respect.