Today, one year ago, I was flying in the sky
On route to a Bar Mitzvah that gave me such a high

The warm smile with which you greeted every guest
The sincere speech you gave, from all I’ve ever heard, the best

You were taken from us just one month later
Your pure soul needed for reasons we do not know by our Creator

The many lessons you taught us in just 13 years
We promise to always live with, despite our many tears

A heartfelt Modeh Ani, every single day
Our ensuring that Tefilin, every Jewish man will lay

Your enthusiasm for life, your genuine warmth towards all
These character traits we’ll strive to emulate in ways big and small

Today your Neshama is flying ever higher above
Mendel, for you we’ll always have such deep love


Yisroel Cotlar, Mendel’s Uncle